Where can I find the New York Times?


For digital access to nytimes.com, including tablet/mobile access and the historical archive, create an account with your UIowa email address (see instructions here). Our subscription does not include access to NYT Crossword/Games, Cooking, or e-reader editions. 

Use Factiva.

  • You can browse through today's and the previous two weeks of the NYT by scrolling down to the Newsstand section.
  • To search for previous dates, scroll over the Search tab and select Search Builder. Search for new york times in the Source box.

Go to Nexis Uni.

  • Use the Guided Search to select "A Publication" from "What are you interested in?"
  • Enter New York Times into "Find Publication" and click the Search button

Use Proquest Recent Newspapers to view exact page images as printed, from 2008-recent (with a 3-month embargo).

For historical NY Times articles (from 1851-2017), go to Proquest Historical Newspapers - The New York Times.

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