Answered By: Max Radl
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It depends on the group!

If the group is a class of registered students with the instructor or professor present, then the answer is yes. If the group comprises any members of the public, if there was public advertising and especially if there was an admission charged then a license for public performance would be required. 

If the group is a private get-together in a private location, the answer is also yes (for example, if you check out a video and take it home to show friends). 

Essentially, if you plan on showing anything to the public in any capacity you will need to obtain public performance rights.

Circumstances when permission is not required.

  • Face to face classroom teaching involving only students registered for the class in question, where the copy of the video is lawfully made, and where the professor is present during the screening.

  • License obtained by the UI Libraries, indicated by a note in the library catalog stating: “Includes public performance rights on campus only." As stated, the showing must be held on campus.

Circumstances when rights need to be obtained

  • Face to face classroom teaching where the audience includes people other than registered students, or where the other requirements noted above are not met.

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