Answered By: Constance Wade
Last Updated: Feb 01, 2024     Views: 335

If you're in search of a quiet spot at the Main Library, your best bet is to head upstairs. The noise level varies across floors, generally becoming quieter as you ascend in the building. Consider the following study space options:

  • Positioned on the north end of the second floor is a Silent Study room (2001).
  • On the 3rd-5th floors, most areas surrounding the bookshelves are designated as quiet zones. Please note, quiet zones are not silent.
  • For those comfortable with a bit of noise, several areas in the Learning Commons on the first floor are designed for group study. On the second floor, you'll find group study areas available in the corridor on a first-come, first-served basis.

Kindly select a study location that aligns with your preferences while being considerate of the needs of fellow library users, fostering a respectful and cooperative atmosphere in shared spaces.

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