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Physical books held in the University of Iowa Libraries are arranged using the Library of Congress classification system (LCC). Essentially, the LCC system arranges books into 21 basic classes or subjects, identified by a letter in the alphabet. Classes are further divided into specific subclasses, which use two or three letter combinations, ultimately leading to a specific call number.

To find a book at the Main Library, you will first need to identify the call number of the book by looking it up in InfoHawk+, the Libraries' online catalog.

Once you've found the call number, locate the floor where your book is shelved using the Main Library Floor by Floor map:

Books in the Main Library Stacks beginning with call numbers:

  • A - D are located on the 5th floor
  • E - PS 3515 are on the 4th floor
  • PS 3517 - Z are located on the 2nd floor

The call number below (highlighted in yellow) begins with GV and ends in 2013. Since GV falls between E and PS alphabetically, this book will be located on the 4th floor.

call number example in infohawk+

There are other locations throughout the Main Library, such as Oversize, Math, Government Information, etc. You can see where those are located using the Find It at Main guide.

Remember, if you need further assistance, you can always ask a librarian at the Just Ask Desk and through online chat, or ask a staff member at the Service Desk. If you see staff shelving books when you are up in the stacks, don't hesitate to ask them for help locating a book. They are experts at finding books!

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