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Leisure reading at the UI Libraries

Engaging in leisurely reading can enhance your academic journey by providing access to diverse stories (both fiction and non fiction) that can enrich your own experiences.

New Book Collection

Our shelves featuring new books can be found on the 1st Floor in the Main Library. The shelves are past the Service Desk to the right after you walk in through the gates and are directly located outside Room 1026, near the armchairs. You can view the virtual New Book Shelf as well.

Popular Book Lists

The following are several book lists to help you find books from popular genres and best sellers. Many are updated weekly and can provide you with recent or top picks on a wide variety of genres. Find books on the list and then search InfoHawk+ with the titles to see if the UI Libraries owns them.

Public Libraries

Most public libraries will have a larger collection of leisurely reading material than academic libraries. Check out the Iowa City Public Libraries website for more options as well as your own hometown library.

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